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Jason McFlian

Achium Industries CEO and Founder

In mid 2006 Jason McFlian quit his job as an Executive IT Security Manager to start his own company for web based services and contracting

in 2018 Achium Industries added on its Security Forces. Achium Security Forces and Achium Online are striving to break industry standards and provide the best service.   


Jamie Monroe, Web Service Manager

Monroe was a close friend of Mcflian and was the major benefactor that helped Achium Online Succeed. She currently runs and manages all web based services.   


Luis Yevgenny, Achium Public Security 

Yevgenny has been with the company since 2007, he started out as a security specialist and has grown the to the leader in his field.


Andrew West, Grey Lion Director

West was a former Marine and the leader in standards for Grey Lion Private Sector Security and Quick Reaction Forces.


Makus Patricks, Human Resources 

Since 2009 Patricks has helped keep the company up to every standard and keep the quality of service to an all time high!


Lauren Chen, Public Relations

Chen has provided the Company with the best service to the public since 2012. She is the residing West Coast Manager For Public Relations.


Joseph McLuaren, Public Relations

McLuaren joined the company in Late 2008, he has recently transferred to the East Coast Branch. He has taken over management after a former manager resigned.

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