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File Infiltration detected, commencing failsafes.
Firewall Alpha initiated.


ACHIOS, V1.08.0
(C)2019, Achium Industries.

User Log:
>>Administrator (JTFNEON ID: 202488) Last Online: 4 hours ago
JTFNEON ID: N̷̡̮̹̲̩̜̼̞̖̜̒̕͝û̵̠̱͓̻͈̀̀̒l̶̢̧̛̳̗̦̟̳̝̝̉̓̉͛́̈́̽̎l̵̡͎͇̥̱̣͕̪͗̓̊̃͝) Last Online: Online.
Welcome, NEW_ADMIN.

set_targetingparameters_id: N̷̡̮̹̲̩̜̼̞̖̜̒̕͝û̵̠̱͓̻͈̀̀̒l̶̢̧̛̳̗̦̟̳̝̝̉̓̉͛́̈́̽̎l̵̡͎͇̥̱̣͕̪͗̓̊̃͝
set_access_id: N̷̡̮̹̲̩̜̼̞̖̜̒̕͝û̵̠̱͓̻͈̀̀̒l̶̢̧̛̳̗̦̟̳̝̝̉̓̉͛́̈́̽̎l̵̡͎͇̥̱̣͕̪͗̓̊̃͝: all
set_defenseimmunity_id: N̷̡̮̹̲̩̜̼̞̖̜̒̕͝û̵̠̱͓̻͈̀̀̒l̶̢̧̛̳̗̦̟̳̝̝̉̓̉͛́̈́̽̎l̵̡͎͇̥̱̣͕̪͗̓̊̃͝: all

declassifying begun
loademployeefile begun
choose employee:


**Name:** // DATA EXPUNGED // Baek

**Age:** 20 y/o

**Sex:** Male

**Role:** Ethics Officer, Civilian Cleaning Officer


**Height:** 5'6

**Weight:** 184 lbs

**Build:** Medium 


**Nickname:**  "Baker" “Android”

**Callsign:** Analyst 0-2






**Primary Weapon:** M1A SOCOM (EBR variant, 7.62 NATO) 

**Secondary Weapon:** Beretta M9 (Standard Issue, 9mm NATO)



**__Advanced Details__** 


**Physical Appearance:** Baek is a clean-shaven male with a shock of black hair and brown eyes. Interestingly enough they are completely different shades. One being nearly black while the other is a light brown. An awfully nervous person he is commonly seen bouncing on his toes as a way of letting out nervous energy. His demeanor is one of seriousness when in combat but during times of rest he will loosen up with warm and kind energy.

**Backstory:** // REMOVED OR INCOMPLETE //

> Childhood: // EXPUNGED //

> Teenage Years: // INCOMPLETE AND REDACTED //

In 2015 Baek was extorted into joining the U.S. Department of Homeland Security under the Classified Program “Bird Watchers”. (REQUEST OF DOCUMENT FROM U.S. DHS DENIED). After 3 months SCP reached out to Baek, giving him the ability to save his mother from cancer. Baek is a loyal member of SCP. Especially to // DATA EXPUNGED //, his former handler. Baek received training from SCP as well as the United States government in regards to dealing with combat situations. Baek was given an unchallenging upbringing, most likely because of his father’s involvement and from the O5 Council // DATA EXPUNGED //[INCOMPLETE]  

> Adult Years: // INCOMPLETE //

SCP connections falsified documents to place Baek into The International Criminal Police Organization. Baek currently has a seat in the INTERPOL Cyber Crimes Divisions as well as being a trained Special Operations Agent in their quick relations division. Currently, Baek was placed on suspension by INTERPOL as a cover for redeployment in Operation “Clean House”... [PENDING COMPLETION] 


**Deployment:** // Redeployment Pending // 

  • Department of Homeland Security (2015 - 2018) 

  • Project Lima (2016 - Current) 

    • Operation “Novice Baker” (2015 - 2019)

      • Covert U.S. Department of Homeland Security Listening Post

      • SCP Cyber Document Purging Policy

      • “Detainment” of SCP Personnel from United States Law Enforcement for release of SCP Foundation

    • Operation “Cran’s Plight” (2018 - 2019)

      • Covert Interpol Listening Post 

      • SCP Cyber Document Purging Policy

      • “Detainment” of SCP Personnel from International Law Enforcement for release of SCP Foundation

    • Operation “Clean House” (2019 - Current)





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