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MALE, 23


Height, Weight: 5’8”, 147lbs

Also responds to: Johnny (close-teammates), Jo (Pvt Jones - possible romantic interest?)

Observed aspirational role: Explosives/Demolitions


Issued equipment: MA37 AR, M6H Magnum

Deviations from standard issue: No Deviation


Observed proficiencies: Doe has been seen to possess talent in both marksmanship and leading his fireteam. During assessments he scored highly in areas requiring considerate decision making and careful consideration of context. Possesses significant charisma which allows him to be persuasive in meetings (Source, report from Agent Forbes)


Known ineptitudes/areas of weakness: The source of Doe’s charisma and leadership ability is most likely from his compassion and empathy for his fellow men, as well as a strong and respected moral compass (Source, interview with Pvt Ross). This suggests that whilst Doe exceeds in his current role, further integration in more morally complex roles would cause a decrease in performance, and such action would not be recommended.


Any notable background notes: At this point in time, nothing of the marine’s background would be considered of note to include in this report


Behavioural report: [im tired ;-; also this would just include stuff about his habits and ticks n the like, as well as a little bit of inference about his mental state - essentially feedback from a psychological evaluation]


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